Top Travel Tips for First Time Frankfurt Visitors

Get ready to navigate this city like a pro and avoid any embarrassing first-time faux pas with this handy Frankfurt city guide.

One of the best things about this international city is just how easy it is to get around.  The city is extremely walkable and also boasts a reliable public transport network too.

There’s no need to worry about not speaking any German in this city, as most of the locals will speak English.  The locals are a friendly, fun-loving bunch which helps to make Frankfurt an extremely tourist-friendly destination.  Here are some of our top tips that will help you navigate the city with ease.

Make sure to keep an eye on the calendar

If you’re currently planning a trip to Frankfurt, make sure to keep an eye on the events calendar for the city.  This city is home to a huge exhibition centre, which houses regular trade shows. Hotels can book up very quickly around certain exhibition dates, so make sure you’re aware of the different types of accommodation available in the city.

If you’re travelling to Frankfurt for business, then you may want to consider staying in luxury serviced apartments.  This accommodation option is ideal if you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day and want to enjoy a home away from home.  Capri by Fraser are renowned for their luxury serviced accommodation and staying at their chic accommodation in Frankfurt will help ensure you don’t have to travel far to get a real taste of what this spectacular city has to offer.

No-Shopping Sundays

When it comes to travelling throughout Germany, it’s important to remember that aside from the rare pre-planned ‘shopping Sunday’, the vast majority of establishments will shut shop on Sundays.  As a tourist visiting Frankfurt, this can be a little frustrating, so remember to take this into consideration when you’re planning your souvenir shopping time.

Planning on tipping? Just round up the cost

Most Germans will tip modestly, and it’s typical practice to simply round the bill up by a couple of euros.  Unlike the Brits, don’t leave your change on the table. Instead, include your tip when you settle the bill.

Remember you can seat yourself

In most of the casual restaurants in Frankfurt, you don’t need to worry about waiting to be seated.  Instead, find yourself a cosy spot and get yourself settled. If your chosen table already has a reserved sign, make sure you’ve finished your meal before the time specified on the reservation card.

Look into free museum days

If you’re travelling with children, we have some great news!  The vast majority of museums in Frankfurt offer free admission for under-18’s on the last Saturday of every month (barring December and August).  This is commonly known as ‘SaTOURday’, and this fun, family-friendly deal also boasts guided tours and free workshops that kids are bound to love.

Keep your eyes peeled for bike lanes

Make sure you keep your eyes on the different street markings when you’re strolling around Frankfurt to ensure you stay out of the designated bike lanes.  If you like the idea of cycling around the city, you can try the handy Frankfurt Call A Bike service, which operates by both App or phone call.

Consider purchasing a MuseumferTicket

If you’re planning on filling your time in Frankfurt with plenty of culture trips and museum visits, then it’s definitely worth purchasing a MuseumferTicket, which will grant you entry to a staggering 34 of Frankfurt’s spectacular museums across a two-day period.  With some of the city’s biggest and most popular museums included, this is a bargain option!


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