Gifts for the home – let’s get fruity!

There is always an occasion for giving a gift for a home – after a marriage, a couple moving into together, a new house and even after home renovations. It is a particularly great type of gift since gifts for the home tend to be handy too.

Although generally useful, why not add a fun fruity twist to your gift? It’ll make it a little quirky and more unusual, and is sure to be a smile on the recipient’s face. Get inspired for a fruity style home gift with some of the ideas below.

 A fruit hamper

Sure it might be obvious and pretty traditional, but a fruit hamper can be such a welcome gift, and it suits all kinds of occasions too really. Lots of bigger grocery stores offer pre-made options bursting with delicious fruit, or you could prepare one yourself. Why not go the extra mile and buy a fancy and well-equipped picnic hamper so they can reuse it once they’ve chomped their way through the healthy sweet treats.

Fruity fabric

A gift for the kitchen is the perfect choice when picking out a gift for the home, since it is one of the most necessary rooms in the house! So particularly for a new home, why not help fill it with colour and fun by shopping fruity fabric kitchen pieces. Think tea towels, oven gloves, and even table cloths, all with a delicious fruit print that’ll liven up the kitchen.

Bathroom bubbles

And of course every home needs some pampering products, so why not shop for some luxurious bathroom products with fruit inspired scents. Shops like Lush and The Body Shop abound in amazing natural bath goodies, so check them out and shop a great selection that is going to be a great relaxing treat.

For fun gifts for the home, turn to fruit for your inspiration!

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