How to cope with ‘leveling up’

How to cope with ‘leveling up’

When you start succeeding at something you’ll eventually hit a wall and you will have to decide if you’re comfortable being there or if you’re going to climb over and see what’s on the other side.

Most people get comfortable at a certain stage because they don’t want to deal with the emotional consequences involved with “leveling up”.

Okay so what do I mean by leveling up? Well let’s say you’ve been offered a promotion that comes with more money and responsibility. Do you accept the promotion or decline it? If you accept it, you’re potentially going to walk into a whole host of problems.

1. You’ll be less confident

You might find that you’ll be walking into a very difficult period of your life. All of that confidence you had will probably be gone and you’ll feel completely derailed. Naturally you might think you’re on the wrong path and you’ve made the wrong decision. However this is just all part of leveling up.

Once you overcome the initial challenges your life is bound to improve. You’ll be much more successful and confident, you just have to get over that initial hurdle.

2. Everything Will Feel Like It’s Falling Apart

With your confidence completely dropped and everything being so different you’ll begin to feel like you hit rock bottom. You’ll lose all clarity and you’re now going to be facing higher demands. Demands you’ve never encountered before will help you grow as a person.

It might take a while to adapt to these new demands but trust me, you’ll grow as a person as you power through them.

3. You’ll Begin To Question Yourself and Your Goals

In the midst of feeling lost, less confident and everything falling apart you’ll begin to question your decision and your goals.

“Did I make the right decision?”, “am I cut out for this?” this is natural, if you take a step back you’ll realise your life is better now than it’s ever been before.


If feel like you’re leveling up, power through the next few weeks or months, you’ll be on a path to a better / more improved life.

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