7 Useful Tips for Improving Your Mental Focus

Staying on task can be pretty difficult even someone that generally focuses pretty well can have their ups and downs. I mean it’s not really surprising considering we’re got mobile phones glued to our hands most of the time.


So it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to finish a report, study for an exam or compete in a marathon, improving your ability to focus can be the difference between success and failure.


Now, improving your mental focus can be done but it takes time. If it was simple and easy then we would all have the concentration of a Formula 1 driver. This will require some real effort, don’t kid yourself and think you can improve your concentration by cutting corners etc, it won’t happen.

1 – Eliminate Distractions

Get good at clocking distractions as they happen. For example, you’re reading a book and they reference a movie. You’re thinking hmm, what year did that movie come out? Do not go Google it, as easy as that is, write it down on a “Distraction To Do List” instead. This is a list of things we can action after we’ve finished doing what we were meant to do in the first place.


Did you know that with every distraction you will lose on average about 25 minutes before you return to your original task? Plus with every distraction you will just drain your focus even more.

Think of Your Mind as a Muscle

The more you practice the easier it becomes. Eventually you won’t even need to focus on it at all.


2 – Focus On One Thing at a time

If you’re working on multiple things, your mind will be all over the place. How can you focus if you’re thinking about million things.


3 – Practice mindfulness throughout the day.

Mindfulness is simply focusing completely on what you’re doing, you’ll slow down and observe all physical and emotional sensations you’re experiencing while doing it too. This will strengthen your attention span and will come in exceptionally useful when you really need it.

For example, mindfulness will help you push distractions back as they come. So if you’re working on a task and get that itch to go and do something else

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