Sprucing up the bathroom

Throughout the years your bathrooms been used and abused! I mean think about it… the kids coming and going, the amount of long soaks in the bath, the constant brushing of teeth etc. It’s not really a suprise that your bathroom is looking pretty neglected.

The funny thing about bathrooms is you don’t tend to notice this but when you do you’ll really notice and when this point comes it’ll properly wind you up each time you go in there. So if this is you then heres my top 10 tips!


1. Scrub that tub!

Here, might sound like an obvious one but when you properly look down at that tub you’ll be shocked! It’s time to get the rubber gloves, sponge and bleach out! You don’t need to be Kim Woodburn here though!

Sometimes a good scrub is all it needs!

2. Transform your décor

Something as simple as a paint job could make the place look brand new! A couple of coats of bright paint is enough to make the room look fresh, clean and brand spanking new! If you’re feeling a bit creative and want to go full on ‘Grand Designs’ you could mix things up. How about changing the flooring? or perhaps you could get a new bath or replace the radiator with a heated towel rail.

Trade Radiators always do a brilliant deal around Valentines, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

3. Picture this

If the idea of running a paintbrush up your wall is a bit overwhelming then don’t worry. You don’t always need to end up painting but something like a poster or frame on the wall could be a great way to change up your walls!

Wall art can be a great way to injecting some creativity into your bathroom.

4. De-clutter

If you’ve got grunged up bottles of shampoo, mad bubble bombs sitting next to your bath, old candles or perhaps dirty shaving foam cans kicking around the bottom of the bath maybe it’s time to declutter! Give you bathroom a spring clean and bin all the stuff you don’t use! Oh and don’t hold back, bin the rubbish!

5. Spruce up your storage

When it comes to storage in the bathroom people tend to leave things lying around. I mean where do you put your toothbrush in a cup or lying on the edge of the sink? Why not get a toothbrush holder? If space is limited you need to be creative. So, for example, spare loo rolls could be arranged in a basket or stacked on a shelf like a pyramid.

6. Paint the ceiling

Ceilings are always neglected but if you’re going to give the walls a coat then you could give the ceiling a work over!

7. Accessorise!

This is a pretty obvious one but some simple decorations could really give the place a new life! Adding some canvas photos or maybe a little flower could give the room that style it needs!

8. Invest in pretty products

Even getting some nice looking bottles or products can give your bathroom that five stars feel. If money is tight you can just leave the fancy stuff on display and hide away the cheaper stuff.

9. Textile replacements

If your curtains or blinds are a bit mucky it’s probably time for a replacement. Literally changing a little tacky blind or swapping out the towels will make all the difference. If you’ve got a shower curtain you could replace that too.

10. Add a touch of fragrance

Nothing gives off a fresh feeling of something that smells lovely! Incense sticks in a small jar or maybe a lovely scented candle! Personally, I love scented candles as they give a sort of luxurious feel!

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